Welcome to our site!  Please review it to see if we can help you with the very serious, exhausting challenges of caring for your frail, elderly loved one.  This overview might help you clarify your thoughts, feelings, concerns and questions.  We stand ready to hear them and help you move forward, successfully, on your personal mission of giving excellent care to your relative, partner or friend.   Please contact us when the time is right.


To improve the quality of life for the elderly who have serious physical, mental, social, financial or emotional challenges, as well as for their overburdened caregivers.


  • REDUCE caregiver stress, anxiety, frustration, isolation

  • INCREASE caregiver support

  • IDENTIFY all available resources

  • PREVENT crisis situations through planning

  • AVOID unnecessary or premature residential transitions

  • MEDIATE between families and service providers to ensure good care

  • REDUCE family disharmony and  conflict which impacts care

  • SUSTAIN your loved one’s dignity, safety, independence, quality of life

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Elder Care Options For You, LLC, is not affiliated with any health, social service, mental health, financial, legal, government or other organization.  We have no motivation to direct clients toward specific service providers, or any category of providers.


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